Welcome to the 3 Absolute Best Sci Fi iPad Games of 2015 – I throw in my votes for the 3 greatest Science Fiction iPad games of 2015.

There were loads of games released this year thatĀ  fit this category and because I’m a single lone soldier, standing tall against the tide of new releases, I can’t get to them all. But this is my list and these top three are honestly awesome games and they each deserve a place on your device. So, without messing around anymore, here are the Which Button Is Jump 3 Best Sci Fi Games of 2015:




(Like exploring planets? RPG nerd? What are you waiting for!?!??!)

Galactic Keep

Combining the geeky background of tabletop RPGs (if you’ve ever rolled a dice and killed a monster then this is immediately your territory), sci fi exploration of the interesting Star Trek episodes and a giddy, expansive world where you’ll be dying to explore onwards and outwards.

It has a sharp learning curve and please don’t give in after your first foray into the world. Just like in good, complex boardgames, the opening game is mostly learning and making mistakes. You will be killed. But don’t just take my word for it, because beyond the introduction is a game of surprising depth and a game world that oozes (sometimes literally) character, charm and expertise of the medium.

I’m a huge nerd for sci fi/RPG and exploration games, so when Galactic Keep came along, I was hook, line and sinker for it. If you’re looking for one game this year that hits that beautiful, niche spot, then this could be it. Your life will be richer for it šŸ™‚



(go buy this right now… *if* you have the diskspace)


So you better have played Bastion. Because if you haven’t then maybe rewind, download the awesome game you’ve missed out on, then come back and we can talkĀ Transistor.

Let’s be upfront and say that you’d better clear out your messages and photo stream because Transistor is a whopper. Don’t even think about 1 gig, it’s sitting up at 2.5 gig. So yeah, I was a little curious why I had to dump all my old messages, photos, reminders, life etc etc just for a chance to drag a sword around all day long.

Oh but what a sword. Now, I can’t say too much because with Transistor you get a story. This isn’t Crossy Road right here… this is a brilliantly told narrative that shifts around all over the place and executes the story with such a verve, pace and wit that it’s difficult to put the game down. You’ll be tapping away until the early hours. As you well should, late nights are meant for such things.

And you have a brilliant protagonist. She’s multilayered, steeped in story and grounded in the real world. Or at least as real as Cloudbank will be. And the music. Holy crap. You’re in for a treat. There’s so much to recommend this game, so start clearing space and get ready for an immersive world, story and experience.

See, this is the problem with theseĀ Best Sci Fi iPad Games countdowns – I can’t pick between this and the next, but for me, just for the crazy ask of 2.5 gig, I’m ceding the top spot to a different game. Such is life.




I. Am. Endless.

Dungeon of the Endless

And here we are, number one of the Best Sci Fi iPad Games. Dungeon of the Endless is a superb game that found its way from the steam vaults and sits so perfectly on iPad that you might scream.

My favourite thing about Dungeon is that there is a sense that is carried in the game of balancing reward with destruction. Each door you open is a weighted decision, capable of destroying the unprepared and it is this constant skirmish for survival that brings this game to the top spot.

A blend of tower defence, rogue like, sci fi exploration and RPG, this hybrid is difficult to get in to because they just throw you in and you die. And die again. Then you crush it on super easy mode and it’s all okay. The graphics are awesome – just my kind of modern 8bit design that brings the best of old and new together in a grungy space crash that is roiling with horrible monsters that all want your crystal.

That balance between opening doors and diving for the exit is the crux of the game and I loved it. Really brilliant idea that captures and recycles a lot of game ideas that could have been individual games in their own right, but it is blended here in a riot of intense action, sweet tower defence kill zones and horrifying surprises.

It has everything you could want. Replayability. Actually funny dialogue. Cool character design. Procedural scary sci fi dungeons. What more is there?!?!?

Honestly, go get it. You won’t speak to a single person over Christmas.