Welcome to the 3 Best Racing iPad Games of 2015 – I throw in my votes for the 3 most thrilling, fastest and most enjoyable Racing iPad games of 2015.

It was a strange year for the beloved racing game on the iPad, and these three represent the best of the bunch. From birdship racing, to classic drift, to futuristic swoops – 2015 was a diverse mix of genres being blended and classic revitalised.




Race The Sun

I’ve always wanted to be in charge of a massive bird ship. Right from the opening beats of Mysterious Cities Of Gold, it has been a distant and everpresent dream. Race The Sun helped me take a bold new step towards that dream in this tense and beautiful game. Now, it’s not quite a racing game, considering there aren’t any other guys racing to get ahead of you, but I wanted to include this here for the rush of firing out of a tunnel at close to warp speed, or pounding waaaay to close to a slab of polygons and getting that rush that usually only resides in games like Burnout. So that’s why it is sitting pretty here on the best racing iPad games.

The environments are flat, stark landscapes full of geometric oddities which you can look at on the way past, or hurtle into at horrible speeds. It’s up to you. Combine an engaging and challenging gaming world with a compulsive dailies system and you can happily lose yourself in Race To The Sun for days… weeks… years…



Horizon Chase

When I first reviewed Horizon Chase, I have admit that I got caught up in my own opinions about how cornering should be. Well, since then, I’ve boldly leapt from my high horse and embraced Horizon Chase, to the point where it has actually survived a number of months in the iPad games folder. Without being deleted. Unheard of.

The game is a riot of 90s arcade action, with a full and much adored complement of audio, visuals and menu layouts to scratch a very specific itch that modern racers have forgotten about. The way the menus ping and highlight, the sizzle of the faux-neon lights as cars whizz past (or you smack into the back of them), the pitch perfect music. It all comes together to form a very special racing package that if you’ve ever lusted for an iOS rethink of those 90s classic racers, then this is the right download for you.

Good luck out there. Watch out for the corners…



AG Drive

Wipeout, on the Playstation, was a great game. As was F-Zero on the 64.

So, many years later and thinking I’d kicked the futuristic-racing habit, AG Drive knocked me for six. A stunning accomplishment that smashes an awesome Bladerunner/Coruscant/Tron vibe into a white knuckle, far future racing game.

This is a heavy weight example of what the modern mobile system is capable of – the game is absolutely stunning and should be a showcase game for the iPad. The fact that this is married with a genuinely exciting racing game is a rare find and it really does deserve the gold award for 2015. The controls are tilt, which might throw you off, but they are so carefully <ha ha>balanced</ha ha> that they are freeing and carefully integrated into the game as a whole. I’d recommend sticking with the tilt, don’t make the mistake of turning to the tappity.

Don’t just take my word for it – take a look at other reviews, but I’d say we are mostly in agreement that AG Drive is one of the best looking games on the iPad …. AND…. one of the best racing games currently available across the medium of mobile. Get racing!